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  • Now accepting ACH online checks as a payment method in addition to credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, and Discover).
  • A reminder that there are no animals allowed on the fields at Rice Complex and Sweatt Field and no animals allowed at Sweatt Beach at any time.

Dance Aerobics Fall 2023
Dance Aerobics
2023 Fall Session
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Rice Safety & Parking Regulations
Rice Complex Safety & Parking Regulations
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William Rice Complex Facility Policy

Know the RulesWilliam Rice Recreation Complex

All vehicles must be parked in a designated spot in the parking lot while attending any game or practice.

  • Do not park in entrance/exit road leading in/out of parking lot to watch/drop-off to practice or game.
  • Do not park in between pylons in a non-designated area.
  • Do not park on the grass.
  • Do not park on Emerald Street anytime.
Do not drop your player off to game or practice on the entrance/exit road or area with pylons. Please park in a designated parking spot and allow your player to exit the vehicle.
  • Dropping off in a drivable area can be dangerous and is not safe for your child as well as causing traffic to back up.
  • The service road near Horne Field is only for authorized recreation employees and organization staff to access storage etc. and it is not meant for drop off, parking, or watching games or practices. Even if the entrance gate is open, it is not open to the public.
Wrentham Recreation has a strict policy for “NO DOGS or ANIMALS AT THE RICE RECREATION COMPLEX”.

The Wrentham Recreation Commission maintains a “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” with poor human behavior during games or practice. All organizations conducting business at Rice Complex are expected to maintain this standard of behavior.  No coach, player, parent, or visitor should exhibit improper conduct towards an umpire, referee, player, or any other person at the Rice Complex. Failure to comply with this policy may result in being asked to leave the facility by the organization’s leadership.